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Business Development Improvement Case

Business development can be a good way to grow business. It can also be one of the most time-intensive tasks. It typically requires focus, planning and stamina. A good business developer will engage internal resources and build linkage along the way to ensure the team to meet goals and expectations.

Trading company in Shanghai faced on-going keen competition. European customers placed orders to whoever was good at product development and price point. The company wanted to do a special marketing project to improve business development and service quality.

Through review with heads of different departments including R&D, sourcing and merchandising, strategy was recommended as below:

a. Set up big conference room for seasonal presentation and trained the merchandising manager for presentation to customers in an effective way.

b. R&D manager to have team members focus on one area at a time and customizing program for individual customers with priority set by customer one at a time with target.

• designer designed fashion image every season for selected individual customer in line with their trend

• one team member concentrated on material development, another team member concentrated on trim, handbags and accessories

• worked with factories to have top 5 seasonal development samples for customers selection

c. Shared with R&D, sourcing and merchandising managers that it is imperative to establish common goal and build support, or else customers business will place with other competitors, which will impact their company business, as a result impacting on their job security.

With all marketing efforts in place and related department heads leading their team in coordination and execution, customers impressed by comprehensive seasonal choices and service level. Business volume increased by over 30%.

Samantha Lee is currently the Head Consultant of a boutique consultancy. She has over 20 years of management experience. She worked in big brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, DKNY, adidas, as well as thriving SMEs. Her footsteps treaded across Asia, and went as far as Africa. Her expertise brought the lecturing opportunity in a government-funded VTC institute.

(guest post from my earlier blog in 2017)

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