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Department Goal

I worked on goal-setting for a financial services company. The goal of a department gives the overall direction for the staff. The sub-goals further present what needs to be done to achieve the department goal.

Since it is a service company, it saves itself from the trouble of managing inventory of raw materials and finished goods. So the goal of finance & accounting department is rather simple. Similarly, IT department has a clear direction on how to enhance the efficiency of the company.

It is a common classification that goals are more directional, while objectives are more specific, letting you know almost exactly what to do. Though you will not see any tasks set here, it is relatively easy to come up with them once the goals are set.

Finance & Accounting
goal: provide financial information & manage financial resources of the company

I. provide accurate & timely financial information
A. process & record transactions
B. compile financial reports
1. internal for management
2. external for compliance
C. work on top of reports: tax savings
D. budget & financial evaluation on new projects
II. manage financial resources efficiently & properly
A. process approved requisitions and make approved payments
B. keep cash flow smooth (arrange money in bank accounts)
C. investment return on cash at hand

Human Resources & Administration
goal: create & maintain an effective & happy work force, and a good working environment

I. create & maintain an effective & happy work force
A. promote growth and development opportunities through recruitment, selection, retention & training
B. employee information & statistics
C. organize activities for staff
II. create & maintain a good working environment
A. space planning, equipment & supplies at workplace
B. company information & documents

Information Technology
goal: deploy information technology tools to improve operation & marketing efficiency of the company

I. improve operation efficiency
A. office IT tools (hardware & software)
B. IT security
C. platform for customers & agents
D. reports for operational review
II. improve marketing efficiency
A. customer relationship management system
B. website design & information

(post from my earlier blog in 2017)

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