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The Mask Triumph: to You, Who Keep Trying

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This is a reply I wrote on a Facebook page. Hope you find your courage in it.
That’s what makes her so special, isn’t it?

The first video without her face came out unplanned, which “inspired” her to start this channel. Though she revealed her identity only in the latest concert, she never denied anyone guessed correctly.

Let’s take 5000 steps back. Suppose she deliberately masked herself and created this page. I think the person most bothered is herself.

Identity is the core of show business. Who you are brings you the popularity and income. To hide your face deliberately means that you are admitting failure as an artist, that you cannot attract audience as who you are.

By statistics given we can see Angela’s page has less than half followers compared to this “mask” page. We can safely assume that her “identity” page had fewer followers earlier, matching your implication: not many people listened to her in the first place.

The question is: has anyone got all the doctor’s degree the world has to offer in all areas of studies the nanosecond he/she walks into the kindergarten? Even for geniuses there is still a process of learning.

Are all singers perfect singers the moment they come to public? Pianists? Painters? Cooks? Mathematicians? There can still be room for improvements even for excellent talents. So anyone starts anything less than perfect, or less than excellent, is totally normal, isn’t it? Not to speak of, having its subjective side, in the world of art less followers doesn’t necessarily mean lower quality.

Now let’s take 10000 steps back. Suppose Angela started her singing career so badly, she came up with this “mask” idea. What’s wrong with that?

Our beloved movie star Chow Yun-fat started his acting career as the “poison of the box office”. Probably the worst nickname an actor could ever bear. “This says how many people watched his movies in the first place.” I totally agree. Did this “first place” ever stop him from success? We all witnessed otherwise.

Here comes the icon I cannot forget: Steve Jobs. His “first place” was being kicked out of the company he co-founded. “This says how many board members listened to him in the first place.” What did he do? He built Pixar! Then we all knew that he was invited to lead Apple again, revolutionized our way of life. Did the kick ever stop him from success? I boldly say he made one of the greatest comebacks in history. There are very few people I admire, but I worship Steve Jobs from the bottom of my heart.

Wait a minute. Does this sound familiar? Steve Jobs built another page… oops, sorry, another company.

There are surely people born with special skills, or made early successes we appreciate. Does this in any way undermine those who fight hard to succeed? I like to see phoenix reborn from ashes and prosper. One way to succeed is to rise from epic failure.

If this can only happen in Hong Kong, I have one proud reason to tell people I am from this place.

Thank you for bringing this up so I can write the above.
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(post from my earlier blog/LinkedIn in 2017)

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